The issues is now resolved, and we can confirm that our London Application Cluster is fully operational again.

The underlying incident at Google is still on-going but seems to have no more impact on our services at the time being. We keep our eyes on the monitors and will update here in case we see any regression. Here's the link to the incident at Google:

We are working internally to understand and prepare better for similar incidents in the future, how to mitigate them or workaround them for the continuity of services for our customers.

Thanks for your patience.

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We have identified our application nodes hosted in google-europe-west-2 region are sporadically unresponsive.

Google have an open incident on this case where they seem to have cooling related failure in the host building. For more information you can follow the link bellow:

We are currently investigating the servers that might be impacted due to this and will keep this page updated on further investigation.

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Affected components
  • Application Cluster
    • Europe (London)